​​​​​Week Day Camps - United Soccer Training offers camps during all the major school breaks, including Winter, Spring break, and Summer breaks. Please see our "Camps" tab to check dates and locations. 

Week day camp (early bird special)$179
Week day camp$199

Private Training - For any skill level player who wants to evolve their abilities. Private training allows players to get individual attention and work on specific skills catered to the player. Something you cant get from team training. We suggest 1 hour session, once or twice a week but can accommodate any schedule. Please use the "Contact us" form to schedule.

1 Session$55/session
4 Sessions$200 ($50/session)
8 Sessions

$360 ($45/session)

Small Group Training - This option is for groups of 2-4 who are looking to improve in a fun and social manner. All players should be in approximately the same age and skill level. This option is great for teammates who want to improve in the off-season or in addition to team training.

Team Training - We offer to train and develop players in a team environment. This option is great for coaches who need to travel for work and need practices covered by a qualified coach. United Soccer Training also offers this service for Rec and beginner coaches who would like a national certified coach to give there team an added boost. 

United Soccer Training is so proud to multiple training services. We want to bring our love and knowledge of the game to as many people as possible. With many different options United Soccer Training wants to find the best way to teach the game. 

We bring our hard work, knowledge, love of the game and integrity into every training session we do. Please go to the "Contact Us" tab above to register for one of our training options. 



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